Especially for you we have unique programmes, adaptable to each situation, in a place with unequalled conditions.
Skiparque is a unique place for turnkey group actions in total safety and accompanied by a qualified experienced team; it’s a location where it’s possible to experience ski or snowboard at any time of the year.
Being a proper venue for small teams or big group meetings, we designed adjusted programmes that will fit the needs of every situation: whether more radical, relaxing and nature-contacting, reflexion or fun.
We offer you programmes which can involve contact with nature (walking tours, orientation, bird watching, etc.), adventure and radical activities (ski, snowboard, slide, climbing, ATB, etc.), cultural activities (visiting museums or historic spots), diversified experiences (visiting a herd, a day with a shepherd, visiting a cheese factory, bread and cake manufacture, etc.)
Skiparque is permanently visited by many groups of people (friends, families, companies, associations, colleges, schools, kindergartens, etc.) and all of them leave wishing to return and with high levels of satisfaction.

As we celebrate partnerships with many entities, we are able to provide complete programmes which can include overnight stay, meals, walking tours, cultural visits, adventure activities, etc.